Learning Sciences (English Without Thesis)

Program Curriculum


1st Semester   ECTS  
LSC 501 Educational Neuroscience 5 Compulsory
LSC 502 Educational Research Methods 5 Compulsory
  Elective 5  
  Elective 5  
  Elective 5  
  Elective 5  
Total   30  
2nd Semester      
LSC 503 Advanced Educational Psychology 5 Compulsory
LSC 505 Instructional Design 5 Compulsory
LSC 590 Project 10 Compulsory
  Elective 5  
  Elective 5  
Total   30  
Grand Total   60  

Elective Courses
LSC 504  Advanced Educational Sociology
LSC 507 Foundations of Teaching Numbers, Operations and Algebra
LSC 508 Theories of Second Language Acquisition
LSC 511 Teaching Language Skills
LSC 512 Material Design and Development in Language Teaching
LSC 513 In-service Teacher Training
LSC 515 Computer-based Language Learning
LSC 516 Use of Video in Teacher Education
LSC 517 Social Development
LSC 518 Computer Control and Robotics
LSC 519 Mathematics in Science, Technology and Engineering
LSC 521 Qualitative Research
LSC 522 Educational Statistics
LSC 523 Test Development in Education
LSC 524 Computational Methods in Engineering
LSC 525 Action Research
LSC 526 Mathematics and Science Teaching Methods
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